Posted by CSTA Kansas on Sep 30, 2021
How can we best serve you?
How can we best serve you? We need your thoughts and input! While for at least a few more months all the events we would do would still be virtual, we do hope to have some kind of live event in the spring, perhaps as part of the MACE conference at K-State, if that event is held in 2022.
The focus of virtual meetups would be to foster more communication between CS teachers in Kansas, with the hope that we create a better network and system of support. The hope is that we collectively do more sharing of ideas, resources, and best practices, in addition to of course simply supporting one another as we go through the successes and challenges of being a CS teacher in Kansas. Another important potential function of CSTA Kansas is to be a voice with KSDE as they continue to develop the model standards and make updates to the CTE pathways that affect our programs.